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To compete in the growing competition in the pharma sector, it is imperative for every pharma company to deliver highly effective products and expand its business regularly. Pharma companies are resorting to Third-Party Pharma Manufacturers in India even if they have their own manufacturing unit because of the amazing scalability capacities of third-party manufacturing at a lesser cost.

DPS Pharma is a reputed brand in the pharma sector due to our fine quality products and ethical business practices. We are among the leading Third-Party Pharma Manufacturers in India fulfilling the manufacturing demands of several distributors and pharma companies. We are experts in our field and this is witnessed by our excellent production process. DPS Pharma will deliver superior quality products at your door timely.

What is third-party manufacturing in pharma?

Third-party manufacturing is a process of outsourcing pharma products or in simpler terms,  getting the manufacturing process for your pharma products done by some other manufacturing unit under your own brand name. Many pharma specialists and pharma companies are preferring third-party manufacturing for the production of their products because it is a hassle-free process. It enables them to save time, effort, and money

Steps to follow to get your products manufactured from a Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company

1. List the products you want to get manufactured

First of all, make a list of all the products that you want to get manufactured by a Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company. Then, look for the Third-Party Pharma  Manufacturers in India who deal in manufacturing your desired products.

2. Request for quotations.

After deciding on the Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company, request them for the quotations that include the cost of the product, the minimum quantity, securities, delivery schedule, etc.

3. Finalize the order quantity and product composition

Then, finalize the quantity of your selected products and pen down the required composition. This is a very crucial step, so it must be done very carefully. Always mention the quantity in detail and also take care of the units.

4. Place the order

This is the time to place your order with your selected manufacturer. Then, your manufacturer will confirm the order and after the confirmation, you have to pay the partial amount to the manufacturer. This will initiate your process of manufacturing.

5. Finalize the artwork

There are certain things that you should check while finalizing the artwork. Some of these points are mentioned below.
● Brand name on your product’s carton and foil.
● Details regarding composition, manufacturing, and packaging.
● Your company name, logo, and address on the carton and foil of pharma products.
● Design and color combinations of products and their packaging.

6. Submit the documents

You are required to submit certain documents in this process. These are listed below;
● Drug License number
● Company’s profile= Copy of the company’s PAN card, Memorandum, and Articles of Association if Pvt. Ltd. or Ltd. company, the Partnership deed or Affidavit for proprietary, if Proprietorship firm or Partnership firm.
● Manufacturing agreement
● Documents of all Directors, Partners, or Proprietors such as Aadhar card and Pan card.
● Sales tax or TIN registration certificates
● Non-resemblance certification

7. Get your delivery

Once your order is manufactured by your manufacturer, he will send you a quotation of details of the products manufactured and the remaining payable amount. As soon as you deposit the remaining amount and submit the required documents, your order will be dispatched by the manufacturer through your preferred mode of transportation. Finally, receive your delivery and start selling the products in the market

Benefits that Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing offers?

Third-party manufacturing comes with a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits are mentioned below;

1. High-quality products

When you select an experienced and trusted manufacturer, you can rest assured about the quality of your products. They are experts in manufacturing.

2. Cost-effective approach

The third-party manufacturing process works on a contract basis and is a cost-effective approach. You need not invest in the machinery, labor, etc. Therefore, you can save the cost of production, maintenance of the manufacturing unit, and the management of the labor.

3. Benefit of expertise

The manufacturers generally have years of experience in manufacturing due to which they become experts in their field. So, when they manufacture your products, you are sure to get the benefit of their knowledge and expertise. Therefore, you can maximize your profits by selecting the best manufacturer for you.

4. Expansion possible at low investment

If you are planning to scale your business but lack investment, hiring a reputed manufacturer from the Third-Party Pharma Manufacturers in India can be a wise decision. You can get your products manufactured from them instead of heavily investing in the manufacturing plant. Moreover, you can distribute the manufactured products directly to your wholesalers, retailers, and end customers.

If you are interested in obtaining all benefits of third-party manufacturing, feel free to contact DPS Pharma. We are one of the best Third Party Pharma Manufacturing and PCD Pharma franchise company in India and you can trust us for all of your needs.