Pharmaceutical tablets manufacturers in India- DPS Pharma

Pharmaceutical tablets manufacturers

Pharmaceutical tablets manufacturers in India- DPS Pharma

The pharmaceutical industries is growing at the rate of 8% annually and the tablet The pharmaceutical sector of India is a dominant player in supplying low-cost and quality tablets to meet the rapidly growing needs of the healthcare systems across the globe.

DPS Pharma is a pivotal name among the Pharmaceutical tablets manufacturers in India. We are proud of our efficient clockwork mechanism for production, quality, and growth. We have made our presence globally and have emerged as one of the fastest-growing Pharmaceutical tablets manufacturers in India. Get a certified range of tablets at affordable prices at DPS Pharma. We pack the tablets in top-notch quality packaging material that possess the essential details like composition, dosage, manufacturing date, expiry date, and several other instructions with the brand name. We have a proven record of reliability, due to which our clients trust us.

List of pharmaceutical tablets by DPS Pharma

DPS Pharma, one of the leading Pharmaceutical tablets manufacturers in India brings you a wide range of tablet formulations. Our tablets have an accurate composition with utmost results and minimum side effects. You will get the best and most impressive third-party manufacturing services with us. We bring the best to you at an affordable cost. Following is the list of tablet formulations that we manufacture.

  • AZISET- 500
  • DIGIZIN- 50
  • DNIM- P
  • DPCLO- P Tab
  • DPCLO- SP Tab
  • DPCOLD- P Tab
  • DPMONTE- L Tab

Benefits of third party manufacturing

Third-party manufacturing is highly rewarding for pharma companies due to its numerous benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below.

  1. Third-party manufacturing is a very cost-effective process and saves a lot of time of the pharma company.
  2. There is no need to invest in a manufacturing unit since all your manufacturing needs can be fulfilled by your third-party manufacturer in their own manufacturing units.
  3. The manufacturing unit of a third-party manufacturer is in sync with the GMP and WHO guidelines for proven quality standards.
  4. Third-party manufacturers are experts in their field, so there are less chance of mistakes and a higher probability of high-quality tablet production.
  5. The availability of fully trained and experienced staff at the third-party manufacturers enables you to hire the expertise at a lesser cost.
  6. You can achieve the benefit of the economy of scaling when ordering in bulk with one of the highly reputed and trusted Pharmaceutical tablets manufacturers in India.

How to associate with DPS Pharma for third-party manufacturing?

To start third-party manufacturing with DPS Pharma, there are certain formalities that need to be done. This involves the submission of some documents. We believe in doing ethical business with complete transparency and documentation makes the process entirely flawless. We have mentioned the list of required documents for associating with us as your third-party manufacturer below.

  1. Aadhar card and PAN card of all the directors or partners.
  2. A copy of the company’s profile that includes a memorandum of association and articles of association.
  3. A copy of the TIN registration certificate.
  4. A copy of the resolution for the authorized signatory to deal with.
  5. A copy of the Drug license
  6. An agreement of manufacturing.
  7. A non-resemblance certificate

If you are interested in third-party manufacturing with DPS Pharma, one of the best Pharmaceutical tablets manufacturers in India, you can reach out to us.